Serving as BASEC’s Executive Director, Amy Hofer has been with BASEC since 2013. She resides on a farm near Doland with her husband Nik and their three children. She graduated from South Dakota State University in 2009 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Consumer Affairs with an emphasis in Resource Management and minors in business and marketing. In addition, she is a certified Economic Development Professional.
After meeting her husband at SDSU, Amy moved to Doland so Nik could pursue his passion of farming with his family. Originally from Sioux Falls, Amy was reluctant to move, but after living in rural South Dakota since 2009, she is thankful for the sense of community Doland offers. According to Amy, people truly care for one another. Once at a gift shop in a neighboring rural town, the clerks volunteered to watch her infant son while she shopped. They were more than happy to get their “grandma fix.” Perhaps cliché, but Amy believes rural communities are a great place to raise a family.
In addition to her work at BASEC, Amy is a member of the Emmanuel Mennonite Church, Doland Community Foundation, Doland Revolving Loan Board, and President of the Doland Community Daycare Board. She continues her involvement with the Chi Omega Women’s Fraternity, serving as the state recruitment information chair. In her free time, Amy loves cooking, baking, crafting and anything found on Pinterest.
When asked what impact BASEC has on the communities it serves, Amy responded: “I believe we provide opportunities for families to own their own home when they cannot obtain financing elsewhere. We try to aid in community development, so we provide support to organizations in our communities when they might need help. Also, I hope we are showing these small communities that they are worth fighting for and there really are people who care to see the communities exist and grow. We seek to help make these small communities an even better place to live.”

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