Located on Highway 14 in Beadle County, Cavour is a quaint, rural community that is home to 117 residents. Founded in 1880 with the land settlement acts and railroad construction, Cavour received its name from Count Cavor, an Italian statesman and builder of railroads in Italy. Cavour is in a prime pheasant hunting area of the state.

For more information about Cavor’s demographic information, please reference the South Dakota Governor’s Office of Economic Development’s website. Directions: When on the South Dakota Insite page, 1) click the “Communities” tab, 2) Select City, 3) click “Map Community,” and 4) click “Community Analysis.

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I want to say a big THANK YOU! Yo the angels that picked up the down trees in our yard while Foug and I were gone . The mess we came home to would have been ten times as bad had it not been for the wonderful people of this beautiful town!!! Cavour us the best place to live and had the best neighbors cud friends a guy could ask for!!! Thank You again wonderful people!!!! ... See MoreSee Less

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Town of CavourKristen Bich - Please be sure to pass along THANKS from all of us! Their efforts are certainly appreciated!

1 week ago

Kristen BichI will do that.

1 week ago

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Hi all! The tree pile gate will be open this evening. Please tread lightly, the ground is UNdoubtably still soft!

Also, Iroquois Cheifs Athletics will have a group assembling at the fire hall at 6pm to help in the cleanup! If you'd like to join in, please do so! If you need help, please be there to let them know!

Thanks all!

**Edit: as of 12:30 this afternoon the tree pile gate is open. Be reminded: this is for trees and branches only. No rubble, lumber or other garbage is permitted!
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Deb SmithOh man wish I were there. I would have loved the help😥

2 weeks ago

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Town of Cavour added 8 new photos.

Overall I'd say we faired well this Tornado Tuesday the 2nd. Some trees and a few isolated incidents of property damage.

Tree pile will be open as soon as the ground is dry enough to not get stuck!!
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Leann BlasdellGlad u r ok

2 weeks ago

Peggy DeLayWas this today?

2 weeks ago

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Kelly McDermottWe did pretty good, almost lost a cat....

2 weeks ago

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Jennifer UruoNot too bad !

2 weeks ago

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