BASEC Offering Short-Term Emergency Loans to Home Owners

BASEC (Beadle and Spink Enterprise Community) is currently accepting applications for short-term emergency loans for homeowners within the BASEC geographic area.

“We have these funds available to provide financing in emergency situations for homeowners in our area that have an existing or previous mortgage with BASEC,” BASEC Executive Director Amy Hofer said.

The emergency loan funds can be used for the repair or replacement of essential functions of a home, including, but not limited to, plumbing, heating and cooling, electrical, and structural work.

A maximum loan amount of $5000 can be provided to qualifying homeowners for single-family homes used as their primary residence within the BASEC geographic boundaries.

Loan Terms are flexible and depend on the amount of the loan, not to exceed 3 years, with an interest rate of 7%.

To apply, call or stop by the BASEC office.

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